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About Us

Finance by Jess began in 2018, opening a small office in the heart of Wagga Wagga. The business quickly became one of Wagga Wagga's Top 3 Mortgage Brokers.

Seven years on, Finance by Jess now has offices in both Wagga Wagga and Newcastle.

Jess started her business with a passion and desire to be the change the financial services industry so desperately needed.

Understanding the particulars of finance can be difficult even for those who have been through the process previously. Jess educates you and guides you through the entire transaction, so you feel empowered throughout the process and able to make informed financial decisions.

We are a small team of two passionate and driven women, providing services both face to face and remotely through online platforms.

Finance by Jess aims to support people from all walks of life catering to various age groups and varying financial circumstances.

We can't wait to be a part of your finance journey!



Jess Vivian

CEO and Finance Broker

Jess is the business owner and broker behind Finance By Jess. Working in the finance sector for 16 years, Jess began her career working at Bendigo Bank in various lending roles. This is where her passion for finance and more specifically, helping people truly began.

Jess's passion, knowledge and thirst to succeed has helped her achieve incredible milestones in a short period of time. She is always learning new ways to help her clients and ensures she remains up-to-date in all aspects of the finance industry.

She chose the slogan 'Simplifying The Lending Process' as a way to explain what she most accurately achieves in all finance transactions. There is no other way of describing what she does best.

Jess will make you feel valued from the moment you make contact until the moment your loan has been finalised and beyond.


Chrissy Haylen

Executive Assistant

After developing her career in the Mining Industry and having her beautiful family, Chrissy and Jess were fortunate to crossed paths through professional connections. Very quickly after they met, October 2022, Chrissy was welcomed into the Finance by Jess team as Jess’s Executive Assistant. 


Having Chrissy join the FBJ Team has been a breath of fresh air. She brings positively, focus, structure and a bright and bubbly attitude. 

With her desire for knowledge and constant drive to develop her professional capabilities, Chrissy has brought an extensive level of Administration experience. 

She works closely with Jess to assist in ensuring seamless finance transactions and maintaining client relationships. 

Chrissy takes extreme pride in her work and loves sharing and collaborating with the Team and liaising with our beautiful Clients. 

You will often find her near the water spending time with her little family and enjoying the simple things in life!

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